Erie County’s Crumbling Roads and Bridges

It has been four years since Mark Poloncarz pledged to focus on our crumbling roads and bridges. Look around, not much has been done.

Anyone driving on county roads, especially in the more rural portions of the county, can see our roads are not getting the attention Mark promised. The county legislature has invested $30 million this year in improving infrastructure. Unfortunately, Poloncarz has no actual plan to use this taxpayer money and fix our most needy roads.

Taxpayers deserve better. They deserve to have their roads fixed. Poloncarz even refuses to participate in the bipartisan Erie County Bridge and Road Infrastructure Maintenance Advisory Board.

An important part of being county executive is the ability to listen. I’ve met w/ over a dozen town highway superintendents. Each has a plan for going forward, something they all admit the county is lacking.

The county runs on a triage system — where the county executive only fixes roads based off of political convenience.

As county executive, I will have a countywide comprehensive and proactive plan that addresses county roads and bridges in every corner of the county.

There is no excuse for spending as much tax dollars as we are and getting these deplorable results.

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