The Weekly Wrap, 10/16

Without a doubt, the highlight of the week was our debate on Wednesday night — but that was just one great event of a very busy week.

Friday morning, I attended Southeast Works’ candidate forum. I have long been an advocate for those with disabilities and have worked with DDAWNY on a variety of issues. As Erie County Executive, I will continue this work and make sure our friends and family with special needs have the resources and assistance needed.

I hosted my Summer Reading Ceremony on Saturday morning at the Audubon Library in Amherst. Each summer, I challenge the students in my district to read at least 40 days over the summer. Every year the program expands and we have more kids participating in it. Before I presented the certificates, I read Where the Wilds Things Are. That was my favorite book to read to my two boys when they were younger. The ever expanding Team Orange was out in West Seneca all day Saturday canvassing! I met with the UB College Republicans on Monday night. This club has dedicated many hours to my campaign. I’m very grateful for all the doors they’ve knocked on and calls they’ve made. Tuesday night, I stopped by two candidate forums. The first was hosted by the Lancaster and Cheektowaga Chambers of Commerce. We left there with new converts to the Fair Share Plan! The second forum was hosted in Amherst by the Eggertsville Community Organization (ECO). I have always been impressed with this organization and the passion they have for their community. It was a pleasure to speak with them.

During the debate Wednesday night, the stark contrast between my opponent and I couldn’t be more obvious. I was the only one on the stage who had a vision and a plan for the future of Erie County. WGRZ was quick to correct Mark as he tried to take credit for creating 12,000 new jobs! It was all but clear, he isn’t living in reality. I laid out the case for lowering your property taxes through my Fair Share Plan. Mark refused to pledge not to raise your taxes. I promised to never spend any public tax dollars on a new Bills’ stadium. Mark said it was up to the Bills if we spend your tax dollars for a new stadium. I highlighted why Erie County needs a strong leader in the Rath Building. A leader for all of Erie County. You can read The Buffalo News’ article about the debate here or watch some of the WGRZ coverage here. Let me know what you thought of the debate!

If you agree we need a county executive who holds people accountable and has a vision for a 21st century Erie County, consider making a donation to my campaign here. We are two and a half weeks away from Election Day, we can use your help!

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