A Few Small (but important) Product Updates.

Keyword suggestions now available

A minor facelift on our home page.

Figuring out the right keywords to use for search can be tricky. To make things easier for you, we listed 9 trending keywords based on what you have been searching and downloading from Raydar.

If you have been using Raydar so far, unless you are one of our closed beta users, you will know that we are serving up FREE stock photos from a wide range of FREE content sources. These free resources are great, but free stock photos will always be less varied than paid ones. Thus it is common that some keywords will return less than ideal search results, or in some cases, zero search results.

To help you avoid any guess work on what to search, simply click on the most relevant recommendations and search away! Great looking photos guaranteed!

Share Individual Photos.

Click on More Actions and …

Click on the Share option..

Copy the generated URL link to share.

Share Multiple Photos In a Favourites Folder

Have more than one image to share with your client or teammate? Save them into a Favourites folder and share them via a URL link.

That’s all the updates we have for now! More news on content releases (both free and paid) coming soon.
Happy Searching and Designing!