Free Stock Photo Resources 2016 — A Mid Year Update

Free Stock Photo Resources 2016

Finding the right stock photos is key to creating marketing materials such as website layouts, flyers, posters, menus and banners. However, it has always been a struggle to find the most suitable image to use.

For startups, finding a satisfactory image is not the only hassle. With a limited budget, using paid content/stock photos is not always a viable option. Fret not! In this article, we have compiled a curated list of free stock photo websites to aid in your search for the best stock photo!

There are a variety of websites where free stock photos are available for public use. From our last count, there were at least 55 different websites dishing out free stock photos to content hungry creatives around the world. Sourced from their users or photographers, most of these photos are licensed under Creative Commons Zero(CC0) license. In other words, they are not only free for personal and commercial use, but they are also legally permitted to be used for copies, modifications and distributions without a need for attribution.

Yes, it’s going to be awesome to have this list of 55 free stock image websites! However, at the end of the day, you — the content hungry creative, still face the same problem: Spending too much time searching forstock images because of the numerous websites you have to browse through.

The Rise of Aggregators:

Aggregators of stock photos pull images from independent websites together. Allowing you to search and compare different categories of photos across the different websites through their advanced search engines. Now you can access all the stock photos on one single website/platform!

Below is the latest list of free stock photo aggregators that we have found so far (including ourselves of course), as well as an updated list of independent free stock photo resources, just in case your stock photo requirements are too niche. Have fun and may the creative force be with you!


1. Raydar

Raydar is committed to bringing a better way to search for amazing stock photos. It collaborates with partners who have the best resolution stock photos in order to curate a high quality content library for our users. The user-friendly search engine and categorization of photos allow you to search for the most suitable stock photos quickly.

2. Pexels

Pexels is dedicated to bringing the best stock photos to media types in the world. Its strong searchable database consists of a huge collection of free images. There is a monthly update of thousands of new photos sourced from users and free images websites. Popular searches from users are also suggested on the front page.

3. The Stocks

Different free stock photos sites are listed on The Stocks. Some of them are sponsored (paid) content from contributors like Stocksy and GraphicStock. It provides you with a simple search engine and allows you to know the source of each photo.

4. All The Free Stock

Like The Stocks, this is an integrated multisite search for stock photos. It has a curated list of free stock photos, audio, videos, icons, fonts, website templates, and sound effects. You can find all the best goodies in this place.

5. LibreStock

Librestock is a multi-search engine for Creative Commons licensed images. You can search around 50,000 free stock photos from over 40 sites by just entering some keywords. Popular tags of stock photos usually listed and suggested on the feature page.

6. Pixabay

Apart from stock photos, you can also download other marketing resources like videos, vector graphics and illustrations from Pixabay. The straightforward search feature allows you to search photos by customizing different criteria such as media type, category, photo size and colour simultaneously.

7. Tookapic

Tookapic is a marketplace for both free and paid stock photos. Users are allowed to submit both free or paid content/stock photos on the site. Sellers will then earn $5 per image sold while buyers will be charged differently according to the package they purchase. The search function also allows users to filter out free stock photos under the CC0 license and download them freely.

8. Stock Up

Stock Up is a great database of CC0 licensed stock photos. You can search over 13,000 free stock photos across their 27 partner sites. Popular stock photos will be listed and ranked in the popular section.

Independent Free Stock Photo Sites:

  1. Unsplash
  2. Gratisography
  3. Splashbase
  4. Startup Stock Photos
  5. Bossfight
  6. Jay Mantri
  7. Moveast
  8. Travel Coffee Book
  9. Death to the Stock Photo
  10. Foodie’s Feed
  11. Mazwai
  12. Je Shoots
  13. Super Famous Images
  14. Picography
  15. Magdeleine
  16. Little Visuals
  17. Splitshire
  18. New Old Stock
  19. Picjumbo
  20. Life Of Pix
  21. Public Domain Archive
  22. IM Free
  23. Cupcake
  24. The Pattern Library
  25. Getrefe
  26. ISO Republic
  27. Stokpic
  28. Kaboompics
  29. Function
  30. Paul Jarvis
  31. Lock & Stock Photos
  32. Raumrot
  33. MMT
  34. Bucketlistly
  35. Creative Vix
  36. Barn Images
  37. Shutteroo
  38. The Pic Pac
  39. Free Large Photos
  40. Realistic Shots
  41. Picalls
  42. Pickle Jar
  43. Good Free Photos
  44. Stock Image Point
  45. FoodShot
  46. Nomad Pictures
  47. Vladimir’s Collection
  48. My Stock Photos
  49. XXL Stock Photo
  50. Skuawk
  51. Minimography
  52. Negative Space
  53. Nobl Web
  54. Free Nature Stock
  55. Bara-Art
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Edited by Keith Teo