Should You Use Brand Colours For Your Pitch Deck?

The answer seems to be an easy “Yes”. After all, you have spent so much time and money on creating a consistent brand identity. But to yield maximum results, especially if you are sharing the pitch deck and not personally presenting, the answer may not be so straightforward. We understand that branding is important, but is it always necessary to follow that rule?

You’ve got a great name and logo for your startup, a solid product (or product roadmap) and a strong business plan. But before you present your idea to the world, there’s one important element that you must consider: the colour scheme of your pitch deck. Different emotions can be invoked from different colours, and they can have a major influence on whether you get a follow-up meeting.

Here’s what I mean. See the buy buttons below in different colour schemes:


Need more information about each colour and moaning about… “Why can’t we just have a Powerpoint template in the right colour scheme?” Guess what, we’ve got you covered. Using our favourite design toolCanva, we made a bunch of FREE-to-use templates (Yes, in Powerpoint !!!) with different colour schemes that are suitable for different industries.


Blue is the most popular colour on the internet. There are two main reasons behind this. Firstly, blue sends out a vibe of reliability. The young considers blue to be a sign of maturity. Usually, blue works best fortechnology startups as it represents dependability, while in the education segment it exudes a sense of knowledge & stability; but it can also be harmonised for the finance industry as a symbol of security.

Some examples of good pitch decks to reference:


Raydar also managed to prepare a free blue template for you.

You can either download it straight from here or go to for more.


Undoubtedly, if your startups fall in those female-targeted industries, such as clothing, wedding planning or baking, you should not leave pink out! Like Fat Rabbit Creative mentioned in their article, although in general this colour is often regarded as feminine, different shades of pink conveys different messages. While hot pink (fuchsia, magenta) impresses our eyes with its youthfulness, confidence and passion, calm pink is identified as soft, delicacy and purity.

Victoria’s Secret is a perfect example of endorsing pink with their vivid power point. Check out more

Raydar also managed to prepare a free pink template for you.

You can either download it straight from here or go to for more.


Orange, the colour that never makes us sleepy, is representative of positivity and rejuvenation. Like the sun, it sends waves of energy, adventure as well as a sense of competition. For business, it can work effectively on impulse buyers. At times, orange has been used in entertainment industry, but as you may have known, it is most widely used in food & beverage sector. However, if you use too much orange in your presentation, it can generate anxiety among the audience.


By using grey, you want your audience to resonate your brand with neutrality, security and seriousness. It is quite popular in the finance industry but you have to be careful using this colour as it can drain your energy, depending on the hues you choose. Thus, it is advised that grey should probably serve best as a background. It needs other colours to make the deck more vibrant and lively.

Click here to download free stock photos for your background.

However, if you still insist on using an all-grey template, then there is a free grey one for you.

You can either download it straight from here or go to for more.


When it comes to green, people immediately think of nature. Indeed, this emotionally positive colour signifies growth & prosperity, and in other aspects, it means safety and endurance. Using green can make people feel at ease. Green is mostly seen in real estate, farming or the healthcare industry. NGOs and NPOs, for instance, Oxfam, also favour using green.

An example of the use of green for environmental cause in ppt. Check out for more

Below are some attractive green presentation deck examples:

Swipes — the organizer app

Tealet — the tea trading company


For a vivid and lively investor deck, you can combine multiple colours to make it more unique, just like the following ones:

Hampton Creek

To emphasize that Hampton Creek is a technological company seeking for a way to make better food, Tetrick — its founder decided to use both orange and silver — a very popular colour in the tech world. It also symbolises liveliness and prosperity.

Last Bite


This platform provides 3D designers with the service of getting feedback to improve their craft.

Daily Hundred

Businesses use The Daily Hundred to turn their influential customers into an extension of their marketing teams! The platform allows businesses to connect with and reward these customers for creating and sharing branded content.


This is an online house-hunting service in Kenya.

You can also take a look at our collection here.

There you have it folks! Above are the most practical and well-visualized investor deck templates that we could find. Learning to incorporate the right colors into your deck is not only fun, but also very helpful. If you want to diversify your pitch deck and attract even more attention from potential investors, do check out our font collection or free stock photos resources!