Standing Out on Facebook

Fact: Consumers love innovative, fun and authentic brands.

When your brand’s communication team is able to convey your brand values clearly and succinctly, you are able to engage and relate with your users better and build strong fan bases. With the right combination of marketing execution and communication channels, you can help your brand gain valuable exposure and “street cred”. In this blog post we have put together some tips on how to improve your social media execution on Facebook and let your brand out of the cage!

How To Be Real and Have Fun on Facebook

Over the last decade, Facebook has emerged as one of the most vital marketing tools for business of all sizes. It currently has a whopping 1.65 billion monthly active users.

Campaign Case Study:

Oreo 100 Day Daily Twist Campaign

In 2012, Oreo celebrated its 100th birthday by launching an eminent campaign called “Daily Twist” to rejuvenate their brand.

Campaign Information

Oreo’s Daily Twist campaign kicked off on June 25 2012 with a polarising image of the epic cookie, stuffed with rainbow filling to celebrate Gay Pride Month. With that benchmark set, subsequent posts were fun combinations of the famous Oreo cookie combined with trending news, pop culture, milestones or celebrations taking place in the World. 100 iterations were rolled out daily till 2nd October for 100 days. Throughout that period, Oreo’s post went viral and was said to have set a new standard for marketing in the digital age.



The campaign resulted in Oreo’s Facebook page getting 433 million views, over 1 million increase in Page Likes and 195% increase in user engagement. Post shares grew more than 280% (with each post being shared an average of 1,472 times), creating 231 million media impressions from 2,600 articles. The highest reach among the 100 posts is the “Panda Twist” in honour of the Chinese panda Shin Shin, who gave birth to her baby. The post had 4,409,344 global engagements.

What Did We Learn? — 3 Hacks to Stand Out on Facebook

Hack #1 Create Engaging Cover Photos

Top of Sight Top of Mind! An awesome cover photo makes a huge difference. However some brands overkill it by trying to sell on the get-go. Within such a small space, a simple straight to the point message does a much better job. One way to come up with a short yet strong message on your Cover Photo is to think about what resonates with your customers — how will they feel after coming in contact with your brand and product.

#1.1 Include your followers in Cover Photos. Coming back to the example of Oreo’s Daily Twist campaign, they synchronised their campaign with the birthdays of their followers, updating a new photo daily in sync with their birthday. This increased user engagement and also tied in with their campaign slogan of “Celebrate The Kid Inside”.

You can always personalise your Facebook cover photo by using stock photos found on Raydar.


#1.2 Links Links Links. You can include an URL to your website or app by adding a description for your cover photo.

#1.3 A profile picture that links to your cover photo? Pretty cool and makes you want to check the brand out huh? Coca-Cola has done a good job with that on their Facebook Page.

Hack #2 Include User-Generated Content

Photos perform well on Facebook. According to Angie Pascale of Clickz, he says “Photos receive 53 percent more likes on Facebook than the average post and 84 percent more link clicks.” Photos capture attention easily since humans are visual creatures.

#2.1 Share images of real people. It comes across more authentic and relatable.


Hack #3 Diversify, be bold and be interesting (or bizarre). Experiment!

Take a step further to make your post more vibrant and varied by including other types of format with different types of content.

#3.1 Change up your content NOW! Go for the How-Tos, share jokes, breaking news, or even interview experts in your industry. Be an inspiration and create valuable content for your followers.

Social media platforms are meant to be fun, lively and engaging. Create your own unique tone to make your brand stand out. Think of your brand as a person and be its personal voice.

#3.2 Address your fans directly by writing the post in first person. This will humanise the page and probably also make it easier for you to adopt the brand personality. Finally, be authentic, and some humour helps too!

Be real and have fun!

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