Heneral Luna Critique Paper

The movie “Heneral Luna” is one of the best historical movie ever created by the Filipinos. It shows complete details and information that Heneral Luna and his men did before. The message that the filmmaker want us to know is that Heneral Luna didn’t give up the fight until the end even though other Generals or high ranks in the government did not help him at all. Another message is that Filipinos can fight the Americans even though they lack supplies, equipments, cooperation, and leadership. Bravery in the movie is a example too. Also Heneral Luna shows off his aggressiveness towards the cowards and traitor in his side and shows off his patriotism to the country he loves the most. The film is totally engaging because it’s graphics and emotions shows that the movie is really worth to watch. It’s action pack and goosebumps moments brings us back to what really happened to the Philippine-American War. It attracts many Filipinos especially the youth because it gives us the power of bravery and cooperation to each other. And another reason why it attracts the youth is because it’s gives us knowledge about the history before and the heroism of the Filipinos before.

The scene where Luna and his men vs The Americans fought is a function of art for me.It is like a trench war were in two opponents hide in their dugouts then came up shooting one another. I remember that scene like the portait or art of the “Battle of Manila” because it is similar to the scene and the drawing. Also the last scene is a function of art for me because it reenact the “Spolarium” it shows the traitors who killed Luna and his companion that bragging them towards the wall and at that exact moment it really brings back the image of Spolarium in the movie and also that moment is a historical one considering that most of the Filipinos knows the “Spolarium” and it gives them a knowledge about the “Spolarium” in the movie. Well I also experienced the aesthetic in the Heneral Luna movie because most of the scene represent arts in different form. Arts that represent something inside it that we can explain in different words. It shows arts throughout a war and it shows emotion throughout to the movements of the characters. It shows different things before or antiques and that represents arts in the movie. Sometimes in the movie there is a thing that is unexplainable or hard to explain. Art in the movie can be determined by a person who really loves anything with actions and emotions.

There is one character in the “Heneral Luna” movie that I am curious of and that is Joven Hernando. For me I think Joven Hernando represent the next generation because in every words that Luna gives to Joven can help the next generation to step up to its limits and to show that for every generation new leader can step up and show it’s leadership. Joven Hernando is also a character who really needed to be protected because in his role in the “Heneral Luna” movie he can tell the truth to the Filipinos that the bravery of Luna is true and worth the fight. Heneral Luna always wants to make sure that Joven Hernando is well protected because he is the next generation of the Filipinos and Heneral Luna wants to make sure that his words and determination in the battle will soon to be an inspiration to the next generation of Filipinos. Add up. There is a scene in the “Heneral Luna” movie that struck me that most and that is the line “Ang kalaban natin ay ang sarili lang natin”. (not sure if the line is correct but its near lang naman) because of the agressiveness of Luna, the Filipinos were scared and doesn’t know what to do at all so they came up with a plan to fight the same race or same “lahi” which is Filipino. We cannot fight ourselves and we cannot win a war if our system of cooperation and teammwork will fail because of our cowardness and traitorship. If we need to win a war we must show our aggressiveness and determination to save our motherland which is Philippines. So in the end the movie is really great for those who is open minded and for those who really loves the Philippines. If there is another historical movie I would love to watch it and to know more about it.

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