CENIT’s Adopt a Dream Program

Raylene Whitford is the director of Lovinne Energy, a London-based firm that provides financial management services to junior companies in the oil and gas sector. Outside of her professional life, Raylene Whitford supports charitable initiatives for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, including Centro Integral de la Ninez (CENIT).

CENIT is a 25-year-old Ecuadorean nonprofit organization that aims to help working children and adolescents in the country obtain access to an education, health and psychological care, and overall improved living conditions. One of the ways CENIT works toward these goals is through the promotion of its Adopt a Dream program.

Through Adopt a Dream, donors from around the world sign up to make a monthly contribution of either $30 or $50 to help support Ecuadorean children between the ages of 4 and 18. One condition of the Adopt a Dream program is that no child who participates is allowed to work at a job and must focus exclusively on school. Monthly donations to the Adopt a Dream program cover necessities such as nutritious lunches, basic school supplies, basic clothing items, transportation to and from the CENIT school, and teacher salaries.

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