Check Yo’Self Before you Wreck Ya’ll Agenda

political rallying, unchecked extremism, YouTube politics is searching for #groupthink, and up-voting hate

Seeking negative feeds a predetermined bias, fosters groupthink, ultimately condoning hatred

If one is seeking entertainment in the form of the failings of another this is not uncommon or unnatural it can even serve a healthy release and so long as you accept it for what it is, go ahead and enjoy the group-think camaraderie comforts. But then if you do this you cannot reasonably object to another doing the same. That is dishonest, dangerous, and sounds a lot like most of the concerns foremost being charged against the opposing camps.

I’m not suggesting that Hillary in the case of the photo be afforded every benefit of the doubt as much as giving the benefit of infallibility through real objective discourse to your shared goal so it has as many opportunities to win and as few hindering this outcome. Too egregious an err a racist comment or two follows and it runs the risk of neutering a political perspective that by merit of the cheering on most comments, means the door is opened to lose what you all value and do so for others who would never make that mistake.

That is why to be better than the other side in behavior and example, if you look bad and the other side has the cameras you look terrible. This is hardly a revelation. To not act accordingly is thus self destructive. To do so with that knowledge, carries then the additional unflattering charge also used against you, that among your weak failings you possess a stupidity. A brand of stupid that it can now be argued surely is prevalent and pervasive among your kind.

So yes you’re a moron if you don’t stop a bunch of racist hillbillies headed by drunken grand uncle Cletus off his meds again giving rise or credibility to the idea of a country really run amok with the KKK. Dumber even than people that believe it, maybe.

Nazi Germany is unfairly credited to Hitler. He was influential to say the least, but the people of Germany are the real how and why. Because they were weak, and stupid, and apathetic. He rallied them like playthings. So many are being rallied like playthings, one can argue you cannot win without doing so and I want to have reasons to disagree.

But its stressful for those that know this to have to bounce on a teeter totter so violently and accept landing where the whims of idiocy dictate so long as the whole things stays within tolerable margins.

class things up a bit on every side

Make the effort to not point fingers and pick sides on this because it happens on every side every time and if you don’t believe that and you aren’t bothered by it then you may just be condoning it and doing it yourself. The words change and the ignorance doesn’t.

The broad vision

Comprehend the number of times somebody you will never meet went to bat for you risking all because we are all alive by the grace of those decisions. And in consideration of our failings it is being decided how to handle x given human behavior is always y. This is already unsettling but further consider to give the benefit of the doubt or continue to do so when you know you will be let down is a difficult thing and the most compassionate of us have a breaking point. Those that claim compassion are misguided in how to use it, others lack it entirely, its already stacked against us. There is nothing to mandate any such compassion besides, its not a prerequisite of entering the room where such choices are made. But wise people have wise counsel often, and so perhaps some advocate is there you really want to not make his job any harder than it surely is.

Look down on yourself from above from that vantage point. You’ll perhaps notice it’s hard to spot yourself while you are following along. Many right now may say the day you deserve better than the slaughterhouses you slowly march toward is the day you indeed stop marching until then, there’s nothing more to say.

And if you think what to do is going to be on a pre-printed protest sign or #trending on twitter, my friend you are the dumb mutherfucker that just started running like Forest Gump. That kind of stupid is going get us all killed faster.

I don’t choose to go against the group I am compelled to go a direction regardless of the group.

That’s been my curse and choice always. Being above or outside the influence means I also don’t believe in condoning and excusing people by default, and I’ve little reason not to call someone out.

But I don’t expect I’m too alone in thinking the zookeepers will be less likely to slam the elephants and lions together and say fuck it its all just “part and parcel”, if they think we aren’t merely animals in the first place.

Until you do something indicative of being more or you will always be thought of as less.

Do not add to this. Limit the loss and exposure for the ideals you are defending, be the light in the dark. And hold yourself to the higher standards not just as strategy, but to keep you honest enough to know when you are fighting for something or just fighting.

OK soapbox, dismount.

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