Just six months ago no company hiring user experience designers saw me as a serious candidate. I had applied unsuccessfully for over two thousand open design jobs since getting laid off in June 2016 from the consultancy that gave me my first UX job. Then everything changed. In November 2018 I received an offer from a different consultancy to work on a two-month contract, and this offer did not come from any of the companies I applied to. I will later explain the importance of the latter fact. …

I love both basketball and user experience (UX) design, so I’ll begin with a basketball analogy. For a moment imagine that the NBA did not hold a draft. In the summer of 2003, two players listed at 6'8” and 250 lbs sat on the market awaiting new teams. One had ten years of professional experience while the other had zero. The one with professional experience: Popeye Jones. The one without professional experience: LeBron James. In the corporate world, Popeye Jones always gets the interview. In the corporate world, Popeye Jones always gets the job. …

For the 2017–18 NBA season the Indiana Pacers unveiled a new look that features a uniform set along with a state pride secondary logo.

I will begin with a critique of the uniforms.

Note: I placed the images at the bottom if you want to skip the reading.

Pain point.

Have you ever visited an Instagram profile with thousands upon thousands of images and videos and wanted to see the oldest posts only to discover no functionality for efficiently doing so exists? If not, check out a profile of a large brand and see for yourself. I dare you to scroll until you reach the oldest post.

If you don’t feel like doing that then I’ll spoon-feed you the results from when I scrolled the length of the San Francisco Giants profile on…

Raymond Stone

RaymondStone.com | Currently a designer, artist, and nerd. Formerly a model, collegiate athlete, and bearer of hair.

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