After reading this I just had to comment, it ended up being long so I’ve re-posted it here in case I violated the Daily Kos Bernie vs. Hillary rules they instituted due to the political divide on that site, much like the Democrat party has been this year. I had no idea there was an official “Bernie or Bust” movement, but even if there wasn’t, that was always my intention. More below.

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Bernie or Bust has always been my stance.

If I haven’t had a 3rd party candidate to vote for in California I’ve skipped voting for president and have voted only for local and state progressives since I can’t do a write in. I’m sick of only having Pelosi/Feinstein/Boxer/Democrat flavor of the Year for President elections in my district. (Although P/F/B have done some great things during their tenure, I feel senate/congress candidates should be limited in how many terms they serve to so as to not get too close to big money interests.) I used to be a democrat. It was the first Clinton presidency that made me switch to independent.

I refuse to vote out of fear-mongering about “the other guy winning and ooh boy let me tell you he is so much worse” mentality. I’m done with incrementalism, it’s not working. 26% of the people in the US are registered republican, 29% are registered democrat and the other 45% of us are freaking sick and tired of having the same candidate year after year regardless of whether there’s a D or an R attached to their name because to people like me their suits look like a NASCAR driver when it comes to corporate sponsors and in many states we’re locked out of voting if we don’t declare fealty to one kingdom or the other. But clearly we don’t win with a 3rd party candidate because even though 45% of us are independents. Why? Because most of us still feel ties to the 2 party system that dominates the US. For many of us the Democrats have been the lesser of 2 evils for a long time and that has incrementally gotten us closer to being the Republican’s of old. Democrats have not been the progressive party of the past since at least the 80s and as early as the 70s after McGovern (Super Tuesday! Aw, what do you mean it costs too much for you small timer to buy ad space in 5 markets at once. Oh well!)

Trump is indeed a really bad choice. Guess what, Bernie beats him by more than Hillary in GE polls. Kasich beats Hillary in GE polls. Bernie is clearly the most electable candidate for the democratic party by both polling standards and also knowing what the people actually want. Bernie or bust has always been my vote, not because I hate women, not because I fear don’t fear Trump, but because I cannot sacrifice my morals and vote for someone who’s only incrementally better. Hillary lost me as first lady in the 90s with her tough on crime stance, she lost me when she voted for Iraq, she lost me when she increased our arms sales to other countries and is clearly all about regime change. I never would’ve voted for her to begin with. If Bernie loses, Jill Stein is on my ballot this year and that is who is getting my vote. The more you shame or fear me into giving up and just going with Hillary the more you push me away from ever voting democrat again, even if it’sBernie Sanders.

You claim empathy is a must for both sides. There are 45% of people who don’t fit into either side because we see them as 2 sides of the same corrupt coin, neither of which actually serves the people. That is why we feel disenfranchised. That is why we’re Bernie or Bust. That is why we don’t get out the vote anymore. Where’s your empathy for us?