RAYS Network — Flexible Blockchain for all Use-cases

There is no doubt that we are moving into a new era of technological evolution and the paradigm change which comes with the blockchain is already present. People don’t want to accept the influence of something digital despite the success of the internet. Another part of society dwells in fear about all possible consequences like people a hundred years ago when the car was a new baby.

Why do human beings always concentrate on the negative side of things? One puzzle piece for the answer to that question is flexibility. Many circumstances are leading to inflexibility everywhere, in the body, brain and mind. Once the mind is stuck between fear and ego, you can’t expect flexible movements in thinking. So people turn to whatever is more comfortable to access, it’s called „The way of the least resistance“, and most of the time it’s the old pattern and structures because they know what they have to deal with. If something new comes along the ego, know a possible change is happening with it. We can witness this in our topic of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies on a daily basis.

You may ask what all this has to do with RAYS flexible network?

See our inner world & thinking reflects on our outer world & acting. All projects are done by people who grew up with those unflexible „society pattern“, and thus their projects are built in the same way. If you compare RAYS flexible network with other projects, you will see that are not able to switch between different and opposing each other use-cases. So they are suitable for one solution but not for the opposite of it. I call it one dimensional. For now, most of them serve their purpose, and everything is working just fine, but with the growing demand of different Blockchain-solutions we will see their demise, because of their one-dimensionality.

Let me introduce the RAYS Flexible Network to you.

Imagine you are using a private and public Blockchain at the same time for different purposes within seconds of each other. You need both versions because each use-case demands a different approach.

Let me use the following example.

You have to pay all the employees of your company, and in the future, you will do this using the blockchain with its cryptocurrency. In this case, you need to hide the amount of payment everyone will get, and at the same time, you need to send the money to all 500 of them at the same time. With RAYS Network you will be able to do exactly that with just one click. At the same time, you have to send the bonus for the top ten employees, and you need a transparent transaction because everyone in the company needs to see who did the best work in the last month. With RAYS Network you can do this too, with the same easy procedure and on the same Blockchain. I could create many other examples which would show why the future handling of crypto assets needs this kind of flexibility. In the coming years, we all will witness the rapid growth of those use-cases which demand this action flexibility, and it is inevitable because our life is such a complex structure.

RAYS Network will not be the only flexible Blockchain in the future, but it is the first one and has massive potential with it’s other included features, like the RAYS 3S Hardware Wallet.

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