A simple formula to follow, if you want doors to slam in your face

Linkedin is recently losing its’ appeal to executives and professionals alike. I find people are reluctant to respond to LinkedIn messaging, and getting sick of people trying to sell them something they do not need. The concept of Social Sales is still at its infancy, and largely misunderstood amongst sales people.

The below email normally will generate very little traction, or might get a less-than-desirable response (hint — like the one I wrote, see below):

[insert company name as subject line].

Hi Rez

We haven’t spoken directly before. I moved desks last year to [insert company name], an 11 consultant firm who are fully focused on hiring channels specific to digital marketing, creative and tech.

My particular vertical within the Sydney team is built around marketing professionals and the talents within… covering digital, traditional, product, brand, content and social strategy.

I’d love to arrange a time to talk you through our capabilities in more detail. Would you be open to meeting?

James [Full name, mobile number and email address provided]

Seems legit, right? It’s short, to the point, and relevant to me based on my industry and experience. However, it isn’t, as you can see from my response below:

James, I like it when people call a spade a spade. If you’re a recruiter from a recruitment agency, I would’ve appreciated it if you had presented yourself as such. I would also have appreciated if you had taken any degree of interest in my company, and tailored your approach accordingly. But your worse offence is that somehow, you managed to misspell my 3 letter name. So no. I don’t think you’re worth my time, as its clear I’m not worth yours.

Seconds after I sent this response to James, he responded, thanking me for taking the time to write back to him. Sarcasm at its’ best!

Whatever kind of sales you’re doing, I hope you can learn from this rant. People don’t care about you, your products and your services. Like you, I’m only interested in myself, so if you’d like to sell me something, you better show me that we both have that in common — we’re both interested in me!

Originally published at www.linkedin.com.

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