I belongs from rural area,since my childhood i was passionate about my studies but the resources wasn’t enough to get quality education at school level.We were four siblings and all were studying in a private sector which wasn’t of high quality as educators etc.When i was in grade 5 my parents decided to send me in government level school.We all know what kind of education delivered in government sectors of Pakistan.I continued my education and without any type of home tuition i stood first at all district level schools. I got handsome scholarship and me and my parents was very happy.It was hard time for my father to support such a family with little earning.During our summer vocations me and my elder brother always helped our father in fields and sacrificed our sports at childhood. With continuous struggle and hard working i worked with my father in fields and carried my studies with natural talent. At matriculation level i appeared in English essay writing competition at district level and got third position. I got prize of 10 thousands in front of whole school from my principle. This was really moment which brought revolution in my life and lifted me as student. My parents started believing me i have real talent in my studies. I decided to become a future engineer. Again resources was limited but my father fully supported, now was in totally different environment of quality education. I studied in Urdu up to matriculation level,sudden change of syllabus in English created a problem for me. I accepted this challenge,i always tried to stood first in my class. Many times i faced regret then a time came i was considered in top students of my class. I got top position many times in my class studying with those students having better schooling than me, but it didn’t mattered for me. When result of intermediate part 1 result came ,it was disappointing situation for me, but i didn’t lost hope and carried my studies with same passion and got good marks in intermediate examination but not satisfactory to me. Then i appeared in entrance test of University of engineering & technology the biggest engineering university of Pakistan. Every student have dream to get admission here. Unfortunately i got less marks in entrance test and it was very difficult for me to get admission in this university as merit was so high and i was no where in any field of engineering. I was disappointed but hopeful my name would come in any sub-campus. I was no where but i didn’t lost hope, i planned to repeat my intermediate.One day i was reading books again to give exam next year. I received a call from University official, he said would you like to take admission in computer science(sub-campus of UET.) My happiness was no where and by hearing this new i was flying. When reach this campus and i observed the environment and learning opportunities ,i decided this University campus very first day at there. I was hopeful that i would try to increase my marks and next time would take in my dream university campus. Without joining college again i went through the examinations and improved my marks. I believed that i would be engineering student of University of engineering & technology Lahore. Finally with continuous efforts and without losing hope i got succeeded to get admission in my dream University and now I am studying here industrial & Manufacturing engineering with top students all over the Pakistan. I am proud what i have achieved so far.

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