The Happy Lady

I once knew a woman who fell asleep whenever she got angry.
This was a phenomenon that not even she understood.
Doctors who examined her were amazed and perplexed just the same.
Time and time again, whenever the woman began to get upset, her eyes would close, her head would slump, and she would collapse dozing off to sleep.

As you can imagine, this was a bit dangerous for the woman. Unfortunately there was no remedy for her condition, the only way to stay safe was to prevent getting upset. So everyday the lady did her best to remain happy to avoid falling asleep in the middle of things.

However, her biggest problem was that she couldn’t find a way to fall asleep at night because couldn’t get angry! Now the lady also suffered from insomnia. She continued struggling with sleeping when she didn’t want to, and not when she did until one day she came across a pessimistic man on the road. This pessimistic man didn’t like how happy the lady was, likewise, the lady found it upsetting how negative the man was. As you can imagine, the lady began falling asleep in front of him. The man quickly caught her from toppling onto the ground, completely confused by what just happened.

He may have been pessimistic but it didn’t stop him from watching over her until she woke up, and to this, he wasn’t happy. But the longer he watched her the more he felt delighted because she smelled really wonderful, and he also thought her perfectly beautiful.
Eventually the lady woke up. The man looked at her a bit astonished while she explained to him her curious condition, then soon after the two parted ways. The lady went back to being happy and the pessimistic man went back to being negative.

A few days later the two of them ran into each other once again. And just like the first time, the lady fell asleep at the man’s negativity and the man felt pleased to take care of her until she woke up. This time though, when the lady awakened, she was grateful to feel so well rested and cared for. The pessimistic man was again happy not to feel so negative.
With this, the two of them came up with a brilliant idea. They would go on to see each other every night. That way, the lady could blissfully sleep and the man could find happiness in taking care of her everyday. And so it was that the two of them did this for each other for the rest of time, loving every second who they were to each other.