Allocation Tiers For Upcoming IDOs

2 min readOct 5, 2021


UPDATE: 8 Nov, 2021

After receiving feedback from our community, we have decided to add a new tier “Soil” with 100 SOLR as the minimum stake.

Hello SolRazr Community!

This is going to be a short and sweet post :)

We have updated our allocation tiers for upcoming IDOs. This new tiered system makes it fair and easy for anyone to stake SOLR and stand a chance to win allocations to the upcoming IDOs on SolRazr Launchpad.

We have a detailed post coming up in a few days explaining our allocation model in details including staking and tradable allocations (using NFTs). In the meantime, we wanted to update you on the tiers as explained below.

Lottery Tiers

Following are the lottery tiers in which allocations are based on the lottery

  1. Seed — requires a minimum of 500 SOLR to be staked, gets access to 14% of the total allocation
  2. Sapling — requires a minimum of 2500 SOLR to be staked, gets access to 21% of the total allocation
  3. Tree — requires a minimum of 12500 SOLR to be staked, gets access to 29% of the total allocation

Guaranteed Tier

We have only 1 tier where allocations are basically guaranteed (for foreseeable future)

Mighty Oak — requires a minimum of 50000 SOLR to be staked, gets access to 36% of the total allocation

New Tier — Soil [updated on 8 Nov, 2021]

Soil — requires a minimum of 100 SOLR to be staked and gets access to a minimum of 25% of the allocation left over from the other tiers.

Scenario 1: If $100K is leftover from Mighty Oak, it is divided across remaining tiers including Soil (in this case, Soil tier gets $25K worth allocations)

Scenario 2: If $100K is leftover from Mighty Oak and $60K is leftover from Tree, then Soil gets $25K from Mighty Oak and $20K from Tree while the remaining is distributed equally to Seed and Sapling.




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