Stadia adds some seemingly-menial functionality that could pay big in the future 👩‍👩‍👦, Pokemon joins the big boy club 🏦, and WhatsApp lets you pay💸

Stadia now allows you to share games with other members of your family, or, you know, that broke friend who’s piggybacking on your Netflix account. The feature will allow multiple accounts to use the same game license once purchased and only one of the accounts needs to be a ‘Pro’ subscription in order for this to work. …

Was Netflix’s latest hit predicted by an A.I. or did it come out of the blue🎯 and the latest console war has a supply line problem⚔️

If someone described a TV show to you as being ‘about a chess-playing orphaned girl during the cold war’, you wouldn’t instantly think it would be a smash hit for Netflix. Yet, The Queens’s Gambit almost matched The Irishman in first-month views, with over 60 million accounts streaming the title in the 30 days after release. The novel the show is based on is back in the top best-sold books 40 years after the…

Roblox wants to go public on social media platform-like metrics and perhaps valuation📈, and Apple bought a lot for very little👏

According to Substack, I’ve mentioned Roblox in 11 editions of this newsletter over the course of this year, starting with how SuperMario Maker 2 was not a threat to the company, continuing with their stellar performance over Q1, and everything in between. Well, I hope you’re ready for a groundbreaking #12 because last week they filed for an IPO

Despite both revenue and bookings growing significantly over the past two years for Roblox, they were unprofitable for every single…

🍎Apple’s cautious announcements last week put the competition into high gear and ➰’the future of transportation’ is getting nowhere fast

I wanna re-reiterate before I start sharing my thoughts on the latest Apple keynote last week with the fact that I am in no way an expert in microchip design and could not be further from it. Ok, let’s see what’s what…

So what was announced? A new MacBook Air, a new, cheaper MacBook Pro and a new Mac mini, all powered by Apple’s first computer-focused, ARM-based chip, the M1.

What was promised? 18 hours of video playback on battery…

WHOOP challenges the giants and proposes a new angle for fitness tracking devices💉 while the giants just get bigger💰


Most early adopters of the quantified self trend stop at buying smartwatch products that are commercially easily accessible and look kinda good. After that, the decision is simple: if you’re invested in Apple’s ecosystem you buy their Watch, otherwise, you go for either Samsung or one of the Chinese manufacturers, depending on how much you care about privacy.

WHOOP is a fitness technology company based in Boston that creates fitness trackers worn by many a pro athlete and they recently raised around $100M in Series E funding.

The company’s product and business model couldn’t be further from that of smartwatch…

Google X is trying to feed an ever-growing world but all we care about are iPhones😀‍

Google’s notorious Moonshot Factory teased us last year with a project in agriculture and now, ever since last week, it has an official name and mission. According to their website, Mineral is a computational agriculture project focused on sustainable food production and farming at large scales, with a focus on “developing and testing a range of software and hardware prototypes based on breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, simulation, sensors, robotics and more”.

The project is combining data gathered by a robot in the field with…

Google launched a lot of new home devices📻, services, and smartphones last week📱, thus their data trove is becoming larger and more diverse, but to what end?

Google’s Launch Night In event last week was a breath of fresh air, not lastly because it was a 30-minute affair in a world where we’ve grown accustomed to keynotes going for more than two hours. But there were some interesting products showcased as well, here are the ones that stood out to me…

Google TV is definitely not a physical television product, but an aggregator for other services, in the same vein…

Microsoft acquired some strong IP and set the record for an acquisition in gaming in the process💰, Amazon is going deep with Alexa-enabled everything 🌊

Why Build When You Can Buy?

Last week Xbox announced it was willing to part with 7.5 billion of their dollars in order to acquire ZeniMax, the parent company of game development studios like Bethesda Softworks, Id Software and Arkane Games, to name a few. Now they’re addressing that gaping hole in their offering I mentioned again and again, the lack of BIG exclusive games; now we’re moving in the right direction.

But with their new strategy of hedging risk between…

🎮Sony showed their console hand, 🍎Apple is all bundled up, 👓Facebook is detached from reality, and 🏰the TikTok saga ends with a missing princess

Forty-Three Minutes

That’s how much time it took Sony to announce the pricing and availability during their showcase last week; the entire program lasted for forty-seven minutes.

The virtual show was leaned heavily on Sony’s advantage when it comes to attractive, exclusive first-party games that gamers can find here and nowhere else. No teraflop talk, no speed tests no pixel or FPS-counting during the event, Sony is behind the competition in those and they know it. Instead, they chose to appeal to the consumers’ emotional attachment to tried and tested game franchises. …

Niantic is vying to become the IRL Innovative Online Industries👓, the TikTok saga continues with Walmart with the time running out and Nintendo is doing a lot😵!

After announcing the Plante-Scale AR Platform last year, an environment that will allow everyone to develop large-scale AR experiences, Niantic, makers of Pokemon GO revealed the creation of an alliance with cellular carriers that will enable high-quality experiences on the 5G networks of the future. In this partnership, Niantic will be responsible for providing the AR experiences while carriers will build out the infrastructure needed for these products to reach consumers’ devices.

Razvan Calin

I spent most of the past decade working in gaming, I usually write about Tech from a product perspective

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