The 3 morning habits that will change your life

“Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.” — Aristotle

Our body is a very complex machinery that has been studied for hundreds of years and there still are questions that need to be answered.

Like any machine, it is defined more by what it does — its purpose— than by what it is. For instance, we define a rooster by his crowing when the sun is up or a woodpecker by knocking the trees.

We humans are not different from animals. Thus, we are defined by what we do — our habits.

Now, habits are not something we are born with, but are developed during lifetime by repetition. Doing the same thing again and again, in time, the body adapts to it and becomes a reflex; it is embedded to us and we end up eventually doing it mechanically — like a twitch. Thus, habits can improve us or may not; it’s up to us to decide which habits we develop in order to become our best selves.

As I said in a previous article, we are a result of our decisions. For instance, when we are tired or stressed, we can choose to develop healthy habit — like go out for a walk — or an unhealthy habit — like eating sugar — to overcome it.

We choose what we do every day; we are the creators of our own life through our habits and routines. Every day is a new day and it is important to always start it with the right foot if we want everything to work well for us, hence, morning is most important part of the day.

Most successful people — even I — have developed morning habits — rituals — to give them the proper mindset, attitude, and momentum for the entire day.

We are all unique; what works for a person doesn’t necessarily work for another. I will give you my three morning rituals that work best for me and for others as well, but it’s up to you do decide what is best for you:


Each day is a new gift from God, because every day could be hour last day. We could go to bed and never wake up — God decides. Thus, being grateful for being alive and for everything you have first thing in the morning has changed my perspective totally; it gives me the motivation to be my best every day.

When I wake up, I scream out of my lungs and soul:

“I feel absolutely fantastic! This is going to be the best day of my life”

I say it even when I don’t feel like it; I say it even if I am lying. As a result, all the days of my life go perfect for me.

I also thank God for everything He offered me:

  • life;
  • health;
  • wisdom;
  • courage;
  • strength;
  • skills;
  • kindness;
  • ambition;
  • vision.

When you appreciate everything you have, you will never desire more; you will always be happy and fulfilled.

Also, starting the day with a positive mindset and attitude will make the entire day be positive — positive attracts positive.


Exercising early in the morning boosts my metabolism, refreshes my body — and mind — and gives me the energy boost I need.

I do a 10-minute stretching with the window always opened — even during winter — to make sure I inhale fresh air and activate my muscles after “hibernation”. I leave the intense workout after breakfast, when I am most motivated.

You don’t have to go for a marathon, of course. Any short exercise that refreshes your mind and body is perfect. Also, the harder and longer the exercise, the more likely you won’t stick to it.

Making your bed

It may sound silly, but only a few people make their bed in the morning.

This tiny habit actually makes the difference between successful — disciplined — people and procrastinators — couch potatoes.

I always feel good and proud of myself after I make my bed. I look at it — clean and tidy — and it gives me confidence, because I realize I started the day doing something good for myself.

Starting the day with discipline will get you into your momentum of achieving goals. It will also increase your self-esteem and confidence.


We are defined by our developed habits which have made us evolve or involve.

It is important to realize which habits are good for us, especially when it comes to the morning rituals, because they set our mindset and attitude for the entire day.

Every person is unique and should develop the habits that improve him the most.

What are your morning rituals? I would like to your answer in a comment.
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