I Ramble A Lot, Don’t I?

Last weekend I stayed home. I went out to eat lunch at Pizza Hut with my Grandparents, but I stayed home. I did manage to write my second post for Web: Decoded, this post being much more exciting than the Google Photos. (Exciting as in I have room for expression.)

Valentine’s Day happened Sunday, we got snow. I know, exciting. The snow has at least melted by now, but that’s what happens when you get weather above 35°F. I Periscoped said snow briefly, but you know what snow looks like so I’m not going to show you.

Monday, I decided it would be a good idea to start commenting more on Facebook/Instagram where I would previously just hit the “Like” button. I find this to be more engaging and social.

Tuesday there was a debate was over encryption, and whether or not back doors into people’s personal data should be provided to the FBI. Apple wrote an open letter on the subject, which has been supported by a portion of the tech industry.

I joined Yo Status, an app that lets you send emoji status updates to your friends. My username is RbdgSwg if you wanna add me.

I have a new personal assistant, her name is Amy.

Icon for Hire’s song Now You Know does an excellent job of exploring the sexism in our society.

I got free swag from Pillsbury in the mail!

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