It’s my Selfie, I’ll Cry if I want to!

Last Friday, I got a brovorce. My ex-bestfriend is no longer my bestie. I survived though.

And then this happened… The infamous Snowmageddon that we get every year now. We had this snow for almost the whole week. I actually posted this picture in /r/mildlyinteresting over on Reddit Sunday.

I almost died shortly after taking that picture.

Saturday, I de-laggified my Windows machine and iPad.

I started my diet again on Monday. I also attended a Shooting Sports coaches meeting.

I got my hairs cut Wednesday.

I also am helping with the the End it Movement.

Thursday, I failed on my diet, and then wrote about it in my journal entry.

Either I gained weight, or the scale is stupid. It didn’t help that we met Miranda for lunch at Los Agave’s we went to the cupcake store too.

The Free Clinic was busy training new front desk people, and I was busy organizing the Facebook Page and all the data.

Today I enjoyed an eagle cruise, where we saw 16 of the birds.

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