Thoughts on YouTube Red

On November 1st, I decided to give YouTube Red a shot. (A free trial why the hell not?) So far I’ve enjoyed it, yet in the thirty days that I’ve had the service I’d consider it more of a luxury that you would get someone as a Christmas gift. 😉

You can’t really watch 2+ hours of YouTube videos a day easily with only 3 GB of data a month.

I’m on a family plan, (10 GB shared, 3 people, need some to spare) which means I need to actually pay attention to how much data I use. That’s why I loved being able to download videos for offline playback, something I frequently did with my Watch Later playlist. This was also helpful for music, but I’ll get back to you on that in a minute.

Music isn’t always something you feel like “watching.”

Background playback: at first it sounds like something you can use to ignore the video you wanted to watch and play Candy Crush instead. This however was useful, allowing me to download music (told you I’d bring that back up) for when I go walking. I used it for that and occasionally replying to the texts I never get. (#foreveralone)

We will return you to your regularly scheduled Netflix binge after this short message…

Okay, this was to be expected, because who thinks “Ad-free YouTube” without the ad-free part? Not having ads is perfect for heavy users, and if you’ve actually read this article you’ll know I am one. (Okay… part of that use was to test Red, but no really. I am I swear!) If you’re watching a ton of content at a time, an ad can kind of kill the whole vibe. That, and those things take time out of my busy Twitter schedule. (We all have priorities.)

Bonus: YouTube Music. I mainly am including this because it seems to be useful for those who both have Red, and host parties. (I’m attending college this next year… who knows?) What’s great is no ads, but also videos to go with your music, so you get something visual to go with all of the ear candy.

Other bonus: (this one comes free with Red) Google Play All Access. With this you get all of the above, Songza-style mood based playlists, unlimited access to all of Google Play’s library, and you can upload any music they don’t currently have — up to 50,000 songs. (Talk about large numbers!)

So if you can afford it, go for RedTube! (I’m 17 and a guy, get over it.) Otherwise, stick with the free version. Just don’t use an ad blocker. It hurts content creators…

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