Serving the GOP

After much reading and watching and despairing I’ve decided on an action.

Since the current GOP mindset is to ‘push out ANYTHING just to get it out and let the other guys shore it up to make it right’ I think that all of us that serve their kind should act……in kind.

I work in an adult ICU. I am not a nurse so the majority of my job is wiping butts. Should I just wipe what is easily available and leave the thorough cleaning for the next person? I will if it’s a republican member of congress.

My daughter is a dog groomer. Should she trim the hair of a dog that she can reach easily just to get the dog out the door and leave the rest for the next person? She will if it’s owner is a republican member of congress.

My son is a tech at a mechanic shop. Should he change out a set of tires without putting on the lug nuts and leave the rest to the next person? He will if it’s for a republican member of congress.

What service do you provide to our country that can be adjusted to the Republican Congressional mindset?