Where does my help come from…..

I woke up this morning to a Washington Post article that talked about silencing the truth.

My heart stopped.

I am old enough to have seen dozens of dozens of actions throughout the world that were all dependant on that very fact; silencing truth.

I’ve always wondered what would happen if Hitler or South Africa had tried their oppressive tactics in the current age of communication. It wasn’t a thought experiment that I’ve ever wanted to live out. But now that I am……

I have never been a huge fan of journalism. I believe in the ‘concept’ of journalism, just not the practical application of most. Unfortunately, in the last few weeks, I’ve become increasingly drawn to FACTUAL journalism. I find myself seeking it out. Searching for the reporters that are credible. Hoping for ones that are interactive. I find myself in the waking realization that the truthful journalists, both here and abroad, will be the foundation of our saving grace. We are now living in a world where the cavalry that rides in cannot be The United States of America because it is America that is in need.

This is not to say that the journalists will save us. It is simply saying that our stories of resistance will need sharing and their efforts of oppression will need revealing.

It is a well known fact that the key element of bullying is secrecy. The more the bully is exposed, the less power they have; the more secret their lies, the more power they retain. An oppressor can keep people down, if and only if, they can continue to convince the people they are oppressing (and the people they’ve convinced to help oppress them) that this is normal and correct behavior. This is historical fact. In his book Born a Crime, Trevor Noah repeatedly gives evidence to this. I mention Trevor Noah because his experience with Apartheid is much less in the past than other oppressor leaders now being sited. To keep referencing one man is to lessen the threat. Oppression of people by a bully is not a thing of the past. In fact, it is the way terrorists are born.

I must admit that it seems monumentally unfair of anyone to put journalist on the front line. I assure them that I don’t suggest this as a means of annialation. It’s logistics. The time to play ‘best case scenario’ is not in an emergency. In an emergency you grab the people with the knowhow and the ability to get what needs to get done and put them to work. Journalist have the current experience and contacts needed to do the job. Please help us.

As for sharing our efforts? This not only means reporting what we’ve done publicly but interacting with those of us that don’t traditionally have a voice. No one knows better how a system is working than the people on the very lowest rungs of the systemic ladder. I am part of a working poor family that seems to be made up of characters from a Series of Unfortunate Events type writer hell bent on exposing the lies and fallacies of agencies purporting to serve my personal community. We have qualified for help from countless agencies from whom we were denied assistance. We also, have countless stories about why we were refused help from those agencies. What we’ve never had was an ear in a place of power to fix those agency flaws. If we were able to have the ear of someone that could at least expose and at most help correct those flaws, our countless stories would turn into countless helped. Please, listen to us.

At this point I am reminded that trying to keep the truth hidden, in this age of technology, is a fool’s errand. Hiding who you are to share information you want out has never been easier. I need not look any further than my e-mail spam folder to gain some hope. The tables have now positioned themselves in such a way that we will no longer have to hack to spread lies but to spread truth. And as we know, hacking is an easy thing to do.

In her books, J.K. Rowling brings up the concept that decent people are easy to manipulate. And they are. A threat to another’s well being is enough to bring a decent person to their knees. The bullies know this. The bullies use this. The bullies count on this. What the bullies refuse to understand is that at some point the decent people will also rise. History is riddled with this fact as well; funnily enough, that is the very reason that our country exists at all.

So let me apologize to the journalists of today. We’ve prayed for help and God has given us you. I am sorry. But as this is our reality……please help us, speak truth for us and we in return will do everything we can, in everyplace that we can. This is not your war, you are not alone; we are the people.

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