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ReFi Hub
3 min readFeb 13, 2024

The Essence of ReFi Hub

At the heart of ReFi Hub lies a groundbreaking crowd-lending technology. Here, traditional lending takes place on a transparent, decentralised and user-centric form.

ReFi Hub harnesses the power of the crowd; allowing many investors to collectively fund projects with significant environmental impact and financial returns.

ReFi Hub enables access into a typically exclusive financial system, putting power in the hands of the people.

Impact Investing powered by DeFi

Did you know that the impact investing market is valued at over $1.2 trillion? To put this in perspective the entire market cap of all Crypto currencies combined is $1.65 trillion.

With ReFi Hub we’re merging this with the colossal sector and leveraging the powers of DeFi; transparency, trustlessness, efficiency to present a game changer.

Real World Assets on-chain

ReFi Hub transforms lending agreements from real-world businesses into digital tokens; bridging the gap between traditional investment and blockchain’s innovation.

This enables peer-to-business investments into tangible impact areas like renewable energy, bio-tech and supply-chain analysis — all automated and fulfilled by smart contracts.

It is said that the Tokenization of RWAs (Real World Assets) will be the next big revolution within the finance industry.

Measurable Environmental Impact

Businesses are increasingly being scrutinised for their real impact, according to UN’s Environment Programme.

ReFi Hub responds to this call by integrating Sustainable Development Goal tracking into the platform. Users can track and visualise where their money is going and how it is regenerating the environment.

Businesses on ReFi Hub are chosen through diligent processes, led by science-backed criteria. Financial analysts, a Tribe Council and AI-powered creditworthiness protocols ensure that every investment is sound, secure, and impactful.

Growth Industries on ReFi Hub

ReFi Hub strategically targets industries at the forefront of establishing a sustainable planet, each with their unique potential and opportunity.

From Solar plants, to Hydrogen Tech and Bioplastics, users are able to gain exposure to these impact-driven and high potential sectors.

Transparency and Security

At ReFi Hub, every transaction is clear, managed by unchangeable smart contracts on the blockchain. This provides transparency and ensures no detail is hidden or altered.

Backing & Collateralization: Every business listed on our platform undergoes a thorough vetting process. Loans are backed by collateralization and/or secured by guarantors.

Control at Your Fingertips: Funds stay under user control. Unlike traditional banks, ReFi Hub will never hold funds and use them for nefarious purposes — the money is either in your wallet, or being used by the borrowing business to improve the world.

Compliance & Security: Safety is a non-negotiable. ReFi Hub has strict adherence to global financial regulations and data protection laws. The platform has undergone security audits, ensuring smart contract are secure.

Access: Investing Without Borders

From $1 to $500,000:
Whether starting small or aiming high, ReFi Hub welcomes you. The platform is designed for inclusivity; offering easy access with multiple Web3 wallets or just an email for Web2 lenders.

Cross Chain:
ReFi Hub is compatible with EVM networks, such as Moonbeam, Celo, and Polygon. Additionally, users can operate with a Solana wallet; lending and receiving in USDC SPL — powered by built-in bridges.

Cross Border:
With a focus on lending to climate-driven companies in developing nations, ReFi Hub offers users the upside potential of these emerging markets, characterised by higher interest rates.

Making it happen

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