how does one effect change if nobody says anything
Well, I am really sorry; the last thing I want to do is cause you pain.
Sherry Kappel

Absolutely! I want you to write about the issues that move you, not be silent. So much awfulness is happening in the world now, but reading what you said gives me hope. The reality you wrote about was awful, but you writing about it feels hopeful to me.

That guy’s response was about him, not on you. His views are shared by too many people, and by too many people in positions of real power. It’s like a wall of crap that doesn’t stop falling. I hope you understand that I deal with this stuff all the time, and I don’t deal with it well sometimes. But you not writing from your gut isn’t what I need. People who refuse to acknowlege the dangerous wall of crap hurt more than the crap does. Being seen is way better than being avoided or told I don’t matter. Your words resonated with more people than me. You got some great responses. Remember that.

Write about unicorns and rainbows if you want to, but anything from your heart — happy, sad, anything in between — sounds to me like the best way to go. ❤