An introduction to my 100 Word Stories:

Off and on, for about two years, 100 word stories flowed from my pen. Learning to say more with less was invaluable practice. I think some of those micro-stories were interesting, so I’ve decided to share some of them here, one at a time, beginning with the one below. Quite a few contained only 100 words. Those written from prompts have 100 plus the word or phrase in the prompt.

Let me know how they strike you, if you’re so inclined. I’m all about the learning experience. ❤

100 Word Story — #1

Without neglecting her cards, Yvette watched her two-year-old laugh with friends’ husbands. Her own husband was unaware.

Her daughter wasn’t banished to bed like other guests’ children. With her exuberant expressiveness and small talk about Captain Kangaroo and visits to the park, the gentlemen welcomed her, dancing with her Mary Janes balanced on their shoes while the Whist players alternated games.

Yvette’s friends predicted teenage struggles, chuckling, but Yvette had control, was expert in its use.

Whispers would work on her girl, arousing restraint. By four, self-doubt and suppression whispered themselves, shadowing her steps on their own.