Yeah I know, right now I’m coming across as the latter.
Amber Lisa

I don’t know how a person who cares calms down while US quality of life gets worse degree by degree, and too many people either take glee in watching the suffering— or insist that it isn’t really happening and we should all wait for proof that it’s too late before we even try to change the path.

Listening to a president’s news conference shouldn’t shoot pain and anger through my body and make me afraid for the kind of future dystopian novels foretell about horrible people coming into power.

And I only said that because people just stop listening when we talk about the actual recklessness detailed in human history, especially the second world war. (As if historical truth is an affront to the Twilight Zone we’re living in now.)

This wtf about telling black people when and where we’re allowed to make peaceful, respectful protests has really set me off too. The dog whistles, I get. The stupidity of those who actually think they’re being ‘smart’ about thinking genuflection is disrespectful, they make me want to scream their eardrums bloody.

For my own health, I’d like to calm down, but I think I’d be afraid of myself if I was.

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