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I felt this, Violet. When you love someone and marry them and then find out your heart doesn’t matter to them the way you thought it did… well, it feels like torture. I felt a vicarious “getting it out” while reading your piece. It didn’t read like a pity party to me, not when I was tamping down my own rant yesterday because I had the feeling no one would want to hear any of it. (Way too many facets of depressed awfulness.)

Anyway, I was really married to the “coffeemaker guy” in my response to Tremaine L. Loadholt ‘s last One Lined Poem post, and the wreck he made of me is still aching and trying to find solid ground.

I hope something good is in store for you soon, something that will dim your ex’s memory and send it forever to the tiny space where it belongs. You deserve something sweet and wonderful.

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