Ré, I understand that, and to me, real news and intelligent opinion will always be respected by me.
Heath Houston

I get the gist of what you’re saying. This reads like a rant to me, and I think you meant it that way (not against me, just a rant about stuff that’s bugging you), but I won’t take it as an invitation to explain in minute detail exactly where I agree and where I disagree with your points. I’ll let my poet side prevail and tell you that the points where I disagree with you scare me. I’m scared a lot lately. Not because I think everyone needs to agree with me or the world will crumble, but because we all need to be clearer to see truth and fight effectively for things that will honestly make people’s lives better.

For me, it’s the hate-filled, othering sorts of insults that feel insidious. Tiny hands or big ears sorts of comments, for me, are drowned out by racial hatred expressed against the man who dared become president while black. I’ve spent years internalizing how deep-seated and massive those hateful views are, and so far decided it’s still worth waking up every morning in this country and trying to do good. It’s a little easier for me to ignore the more childish pundits and not sweat the smaller, steam-venting stuff.

The things that aggravate me are obviously different than most of those you rail against here. I respect that this difference in observing details is part of being human.

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