Mixed and Stirred
Gail Boenning

I’m sorry to hear that your business didn’t catch on. I’ve had an idea or two in the past while trying use my best skills to make a living for my daughter and me. When it was brownies I learned, in a meeting with a gourmet store, what I didn’t know about commercial kitchens and why I couldn’t just make them in my own. Without capital or collateral, that idea was done. It really hurt to taste other brownies in stores that didn’t taste as good as mine and know I was already at the end of my journey.

It’s hard to get enough of the public interested a product or service to make it profitable. The huge corporations have an edge in that because of their deep pockets for advertising.

I guess that’s why so many business people have taken to writing how-to articles and listicles in an effort to get into or stay in the public eye. I had to duck a million of those before I found the artists here on Medium. Now the thing I do is writing, and I’ve come to terms with not being able to make any money at it. It hurts, but when I feel strong, I can still do it. All I need is my mind and something to type on.

You got so much farther, and have so much more knowledge now than you had before. I’m sure it’ll serve you well somehow, somewhere in the future. It’s great that you can see the things you did accomplish.

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