VOX: Research says there are ways to reduce racial bias. Calling people racist isn’t one of them.
Political Geeks

It would be great if each of us who aren’t racists had the time to have personal conversations with people who don’t know they’re racists. As a black woman reading this article, I’m struck by how it communicated to me something different than it did to the researchers who did the study, or to the person who linked to it. It says to me that fighting implicit racism will always be a steep uphill battle and that I have to kiss a lot of ass and swallow a lot of pain while I’m working so hard — that is if I truly want to make a dent in the problem. What a challenge!

How emotionally tired do you think most people of color already are from dealing with this issue, especially during the in-your-face painfulness of this past year? How physically tired? So now we must not only live our individual lives while making sure to be ‘a credit to our race’ (so we don’t set our collective selves back any farther), but we must also begin our nationwide treks to empathize personally with racists who don’t know they’re racists, so they can begin to see us as equals in the flesh. Why isn’t this research seen as telling the ones adversely affected that they have the responsibility of changing the racial bias that works against their lives daily? Why isn’t the act of saying this seen as the inflicted torture that it is?

And before researchers start telling me that the data is what it is — that they’re just the messengers — do a study on racism where the beginning hypothesis doesn’t include people of color needing to get jobs as empathizers. And by the way, is that a job one could count on to feed one’s family, or would we be expected to do it for free? I don’t care. If your aim is to reduce racial bias, do a better damn study.