Just See What Happens: an Absolutely Terrifying Experiment
Shaunta Grimes

I’ve been publishing short fiction on Medium for a few months now. A story for Christmas that was a little long for here, but mostly 100 word stories and a few slightly longer ones lately.

It’ll be interesting to see how you do in terms of getting eyes on your work and receiving feedback. A very precious few are able to find my stories because visibility is hard to control here, and the number of followers you have has little to do with how many reccomends you’ll get. Then, of course, not everyone will be feeling a story just because I had the desire to write it.

Of those few who reccomend, sometimes none of them will feel comfortable giving feedback. I’ve been very frustrated here at times, but I’ve made some friends on Medium that I think the world of. They make the difference for me, so I’ve kept going and tried to keep my expectations low. It feels so good to get the pleasant surprise of readers every once in a while, but for me it’s very hit or miss.

I hope you get all you want out of your experiment. Best of luck!

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