A Conservative Tasked Me With Explaining Why My Dad The Veteran Didn’t Like Conservatives
Jordan Bray

Jordan, I’m interested in your story. Your angle on subjects has always struck me as informed, heartfelt, and often quite illuminating.

Lately, I’ve noticed more passages in your writing like the one in this piece about the actor who said that stupid thing. I completely get how his stupid statement fits in and helps make your point (it really does), but I’m lost about the couple of lines you wrote right after that. I can be thick sometimes, but I wonder if you’ve been editing things lately after you write them, you know, to try to catch repetitions or bits you’ve left out by accident.

I used to get migraines when I was younger and I absolutely can’t imagine trying to read, much less write or type, while dealing with one. So my hat’s off to you for getting so many words down while you’re suffering through. I just think as much clarity as possible helps us get our points across about sensitive subjects. Haters are always gonna hate, but when people who basically agree with you are scratching their heads, the parts that make them do that get in the way of the conversation.

Anyway, that’s my two cents. I care about you and wanted to do more than just clap and not say anything about what you’ve been going through lately on Medium with reactions to your writing. I haven’t known what to say, but I have been reading a lot of your stuff. I’ve always been drawn to your feistiness. I’ve got a feisty side too. I’m just not understanding some of what you’re saying as much as I’d like. I care. And I’m glad to see your writing in my feed again. ❤️

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