My head hurts. My heart hurts.

Shame on Medium for hiding stories from people we follow and making so many of us feel so alone here now. This community has kept my spirits up and kept me writing more times than any of you could know. I’m shedding tears now because you included me here and asked how I was. Thanks TeriJo . I’ve always felt like the odd one out, not fitting into any of the places I felt drawn to and not making the people next door (or at least here in Chicago) kind of friends that help each other get through dreary weather and political realities in person.

I’m scared about what the future brings for all of us here in the US. I’m scared that now the good parts of what we do here and in the rest of the world are going backwards, and the bad things will get worse. I’m scared personally for the quality of my own life, where my skills have never been valued in the job market and now the conservatives who want me to disappear have the control to make that happen. I was quiet here for a short time when I thought no one was much interested in what I had to say, but I managed to talk myself out of a really scary place and then find things here to respond to. Now I’m plugging away again with 100 Word Stories and such and hoping Medium isn’t hiding them from anyone who wants to see them. Trying is better than being silent, I know. But it’s hard.

I’m sorry this was so disjointed. I don’t get enough sleep anymore and this isn’t a good morning, but I really wanted to say thanks for asking about me. You’re a sweetheart. ❤ And don’t forget that I really do want to see that wrap when you get it done. And also thanks for so many mention links in this post. It makes it easy to get to other people’s pages and see things I didn’t know I missed.

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