One Hundred Word Story #28
What …?!

Wayne threw an uppercut in Jake’s direction. Onlookers' gasps were the only follow through. His fist grazed the side of Jake’s rusty beard, landing on his left ear.

Jake dropped his beer, bolting up from his lean against the bar, head jerked to the right, shouting, "What ...?!" He clutched his ear.

Wayne teetered, squinting at thought.

Recovering, Jake landed a body punch, propelling his friend back across the spilled brew.

At the other end of the bar, a grinning newbie asked a regular, "Why’re those crazy cats having a fight?"

She turned, looking him up and down. "Dude, it’s three-thirty. Place closes at four."

Photo by Infrogmation. Prompt, "crazy cats having a fight" — from my sister.
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