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ReMeLife will launch its last Private round to its Membership Community soon. And we’ll then continue to build Phase 2 of the ReMeLife Token Ecosystem, which will enable the launch of ReMe onto an exchange with an IDO. During the intervening period, we want to enrol as many Members as possible so as to establish the ReMeLife Platform as the go to global care platform, and the REME as the currency of choice for Care Actions.

Therefore, we’re looking for community leaders, Twitter KOLs, YouTubers, crypto community leaders, writers in media, and other content creators who are interested in becoming…

Questions are pouring in from all over the world. Too many to answer here. But if you want to know more about our private ReMeChain, about the REME token and its configuration, about vesting, discounts, bounties and how the REME can support care, then why not click here to visit our FAQ page in

Step 1: Open the website

Step 2: Become a ReMeLife Member here. These rounds are only open to Members and self-certified persons.

Step 3: Receive your ReMe Wallet and access to the ReMeLife Referral Program.

Step 3: Click on the Investors tab or visit

Step 3: Visit the Investors tab and complete the Investor form to gain access to the self-certified qualified investor pages, where you can review data about the project

Step 3: Purchase tokens.

You will receive confirmation of your order. This is managed under the terms of the SAFT that is shown and that will be provided to you.

You will receive tokens at the time of the Network launch.

Sales of the REME token Private Members Round is now open!

The much-awaited Private Pre-Sale of REME tokens is now live. For full information regarding token pricing at each of the five Stages, please visit Here’s a taster.

Private Sale Date: Open on 15 August 2021

Token name: REME

Token type: REME Erc20

Vesting schedule: Tokens released across a 12-month period

Minimum purchase: £100

The news is out…

In February of 2021 we had a surprise visitor, who knocked on our door, and who then rocked our world. He landed in Bushy Park, just behind our garden, after a long flight (check out the videos here).

Blui soon became a regular presence in our meetings, and whilst we’ve assisted him in his mission on Earth, he has in turn taught us much that will be key in our own mission in healthcare, and so Blui has become integral to the evolution of ReMeLife.

So, we are formerly announcing that as of today, Blui has formerly become part of the ReMeLife team and will be minted on the REME tokens.

Blui now has his own Wikipedia page, which can be found here:

We believe that the value in digital care ‘work’, data, and retail purchasing, should not all head across the Atlantic, but should be provided to those that need it most, in the care sector.

The ReMeLife Token Ecosystem is based on a rewards-based model. We have built a tokenomics model around 10 Care Actions that we believe should be rewarded. These token-based use cases, such as medication adherence, ReMeLife referrals, use of ReMe Rooms, etc. are rewarded in tokens.

Since CAPs are earned for multiple care use cases (from grandma saying to her ReMe Connect Alexa, ‘yes I have taken…

This July edition of our monthly report, as provided to our Shareholders and Members, provides brief details of the current technology and ReMeLife community developments.

Technology Development

1. ReMe Market — will be launched in the first week of August

2. ReMe Chat — now launched

3. RemindMecare V2 — will be launched on 20th August to formal care sector

4. Phase 1 build of ReMeLife Token Ecosystem — completed

5. ReMe Wallet — now completed

6. ReMeLife Referral Program — now completed


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