Effort — A Vigorous or Determined Attempt

I’m reminded of one of my last journal entries…

“Today has not been productive. I will increase my effort…”

If there is effort to be made, it is climbing down my ladder, moving my ladder to the correct wall (*and with a booming voice* the “WALL OF PRINCIPLES”) and taking the first step! It’s never too late.

More effort in the wrong direction will not get me to my preferred destination any sooner :) Now is my time to slow, pause, step back, take account, evaluate, consider… then decide!

I feel like I’m standing on my ladder, having now realized that I’ve propped it against the wrong wall. I’ve started backing down. This is a sensitive time, where courage is required to continue. I often feel the challenge of tilling my brain, working to amend my genetic disposition, cultivating a new rich bounty of healthy growth. It can feel discouraging to move backwards… to change direction… to not be an expert. I am hopeful and surrounded by love. My spouse is such a wonderful companion. I know, she just got here too, but damn —

My wife is courageous, strong, caring, fun, honest, hard working, patient, giving, beautiful and fair.

Now those are principles to live by! Thank you, darling, for introducing me to this 7 Habits virus!

Following that, effort is required! Effort to pay the price — to get what you want. We worked on the goat’s pen, in the muck, in the heat. I felt GREAT! I love the hard work. I love the smells. I love the teamwork. I love the progress. I love caring for our farm. Pro-activity and working toward my chosen principles feeds my soul!

Vigorously determine what your lighthouse-principles are and move your ladder. It will be a different climb.

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