Musings on the Divine

Sometimes, the emptiness is enough to eat you alive.

You lie awake at night ruminating on the vanity of human endeavors, and your minute insignificance in this conundrum called life. The void of hopelessness draws you in, and you stare back in silence, motionless as the chasm of nothingness engulfs you.

Other times, you fight back, struggling to hold on to the modicum of faith that is but a fading reminder of what you once had. You know it’s in vain. Whatever you manage to find tonight will be gone by morning.

And, occasionally, you improvise. You throw away some of the stumpy, worn pastels on the verge of vanishing, and pick up the shiny new graphics tablet. You dabble in its intricacies and experiment with its fancy tools. You rejoice in your discovery, contentedly drifting into a slumber.

You don’t know how long this tablet will last, but you know the pastels won’t. So for now, the tablet will have to do.