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Next Level Robotics, Gaming, and AR

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The world’s first gaming robot, MekaMon is a real life battle-bot with next-gen augmented reality gameplay. Master your skills as a Meka Pilot and own the battle arena with next level robotics, gaming, and AR.


MekaMon is a robot like no other. The world’s first true gaming robot, MekaMon competes in intense real life battles and single player augmented reality combat. Controlled entirely through your iOS or Android smart device, MekaMon introduces a unique hybrid of virtual and real world play through next level robotics, gaming, and AR.


You thought your gaming rig was next level? Meet MekaMon, the world’s first gaming robot. A real life battle-bot with augmented reality capabilities, MekaMon introduces a hybrid of virtual and real-world play, all controlled from an iOS or Android smart device. From Mek vs Mek battles to intense AR combat against intelligent AI enemies, MekaMon is easy to pick up but hard to master.

Collect AUGs and build deck load outs to take into battle across all game modes and combine real-time tactical warfare with strategy and depth. Upgrade and customise your MekaMon with the latest cutting edge weaponry to take advantage of your opponents’ weaknesses and own the arena.

MekaMon Arcade houses an ever-increasing roster of classic arcade mini-games to put your pilot skills to the test in slick augmented reality. Go beyond the screen and wake up to next level robotics, gaming, and AR.

Product Bullet Points

  • A World First — The world’s first gaming robot brings the best of both virtual and real worlds
  • Battle — Intense two player real-life head to heat combat
  • Futuristic AR — Augmented reality single player battle mode with increasingly intelligent AI
  • Own The Arena — Fully modular design enables customisation and weaponry upgrades. More upgrades means more ways to play.
  • Test Your Mettle — Arcade Mode offers classic arcade-style mini-games to truly put your pilot skills to the test in AR
  • MekaMon Has Moves — 3 degrees of freedom per leg across 4 legs means fluid, lifelike motion and nimble battle strikes

MekaMon: Battle Mode

Battle Mode is a one on one MekaMon battle in a real-time CCG battle arena. Mixing real-time tactical warfare with the strategy and depth of collectable card games, MekaMon Battle Mode offers a brand new way to play. Upgrade and customise your weaponry to take advantage of your opponents’ weaknesses and play to your tactical strengths.

MekaMon: AR Games

AR Mode pits you against AI enemies in a king-of-the-hill training simulation. Face off against waves of virtual foes in slick augmented reality to claim your victory. Defeat one, and another, more intelligent, enemy will spawn, meanwhile MekaMon reacts to every hit and attack in real life. You are humanity’s last hope, the final frontier of the deadly alien invasion crashing all around you. Do your engineers proud.

MekaMon: Arcade Mode

Mini-game central, Arcade Mode offers an ever-increasing roster of fun arcade-style classics. Merging the future of gaming technology with the foundations of its past, Arcade Mode places your MekaMon at the helm of classic gameplay and offers brand new ways to play that only a MekaMon robot can facilitate.

Launch Details

Launch Date: 15th November 2017

Launch Price: £299.95 / $299.95 / €329.95

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About Reach Robotics

Reach Robotics is a UK tech-startup based in Bristol. For the past four years, Founding CEO Silas Adekunle, alongside co-founders John Rees and Chris Beck, has been developing MekaMon, the world’s first gaming robot. Founded in 2013, Reach Robotics aims to bring high-end robotics and augmented reality to mainstream gaming audiences and provide the tools for future robotics and STEM education.

Founder Photos

Left to Right: Chris Beck, CTO / Silas Adekunle, CEO / John Rees, COO

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Launch Trailer (1080p YouTube)

Launch Trailer:

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1 Minute Launch Content:

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MekaMon Features (1080p YouTube)

MekaMon Features:

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Getting Started (1080p YouTube)

Getting Started:

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AR Games (1080p YouTube)

AR Games:

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Product Shots

MekaMon Delta Unit

MekaMon Delta Unit

MekaMon Mekacademy Unit

MekaMon Mekacademy Unit

Battle Mode

In The Box

In The Box

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