What Can A Robot Do With 3 Degrees of Freedom Per Leg? Behind The Vids.

MekaMon offers three degrees of freedom per leg, which allows for motion unprecedented in the world of consumer robotics. We’ve been busy creating a short series of videos to let users know that their MekaMon isn’t just for the living room floor, so check them out and let us know what you think!

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MekaMon: King Of The Playground

Our video ‘MekaMon: King Of The Playground’ demonstrates a range of different elevations and textures that MekaMon can traverse. Beneath the light-hearted exterior narrative of MekaMon finally triumphing over a playground slide is an obstacle course of potentially tricky surface gradients and sizes. The freedom of rotation offered by MekaMon’s leg design allows, as MekaMon’s traversal of a narrow bridge demonstrates, unique creativity in movement. Our slow motion footage of MekaMon sliding down not only offers a dramatic climax to our young hero’s journey but also serves to show the intricate leg movement required to keep MekaMon stable on even the most uneven of surfaces. The vid is a fun introduction to MekaMon’s movement potential, one that houses a unique view into the way this battle-bot moves.

MekaMon: Any Terrain, Anywhere

We decided to hammer the point home a little more literally in our next video. MekaMon’s ability to remain stable on tilted terrain such as a pile of leaves, and also climb over rocks is down to these reflexive degrees of freedom in the legs. From scrambling off the beaten track in forests, to gliding effortlessly through mounds of sand, MekaMon took on the wild in this short terrain highlight vid.

The moral of the story is nothing can stop MekaMon! We hope you enjoyed hearing some of the thoughts behind our latest videos. To learn more about what Reach Robotics are up to, and discover MekaMon if you haven’t already, check out our website. You can also stay updated through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. If you want to be one of the first to know when MekaMon becomes available, make sure you sign up to our pre-order queue soon!

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