Announcing React Amsterdam 2018

Your favorite conference is coming back next year. Be there for it!

The past year has been amazing for us. We've worked hard and not only managed to organize a conference that turned out to be the biggest React conference in the world, we've also been actively engaged in Amsterdam's meetup scene and helped it thrive on multiple fronts.

And there's more good stuff coming very soon.

We're super happy to announce that React Amsterdam will take place on April 13, 2018 at Kromhouthal in Amsterdam. It's time to get prepared for awesome talks, workshops, discussions, networking, and parties!

We've just opened our CFP, so if you have a React-related talk you'd like to share with the tech scene, there's no better place than React Amsterdam. If you know of someone you'd like to see speak, ping us on Twitter.

We're specifically looking for these topics:

– Web/SPA development
– Native development
– State management
– GraphQL/Apollo
– Testing
– FRP programming
– Productions insights and case studies

📩 Submit your talk

And a special surprise for our fans: a limited number of Super Early Bird tickets will be available starting October 19 at 7:10pm CEST for the unbeatable price of €180 (excl. VAT).

We'll be selling the tickets via our Eventbrite page and if you'd like to get a reminder once the sale starts:

📅 Add it to your calendar

Not sure what you're be buying into? You can rest assured we’ll do our best to build on our last year’s success. Read the review of React Amsterdam 2017 by our speaker Aaron Greenwald or check out the many talks on our YouTube channel.

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