Apply for a diversity scholarship & attend React Amsterdam 2019 for free 🦄

If you belong to a group that’s underrepresented in tech, now’s your chance

A conference should welcome attendees from all walks of life but that sometimes isn’t the case in the tech world — so let’s change that together!

So far, GitNation has supported initiatives like Women Who Code, Unicorns in Tech, Rails Girls, and CODE Berlin and we've helped over 220 folks from underrepresented groups attend our events.

React Amsterdam 2019 won’t be an exception.

We’re inviting all women, LGBT+ folks, people of color, people with disabilities, and economically disadvantaged individuals interested in React to apply for a diversity scholarship, and come and join us at the conference for free. The rules are quite simple: 📋 fill out this simple form, we’ll check if you’re eligible, and if so, your name will then be a part of lottery.

The deadline for appplications is February 8, 11:59PM CET. All the available tickets will be handed out by the end of February, and everyone will be notified via email.

Most winners will receive a free ticket to the conference, and a few lucky ones will also have their travel costs covered. Please see the form for rules that apply here.

We’re also looking for a diversity sponsor!

The scholarships are made possible in a joint effort with our sponsors. In case you run a company (or know one) that supports diversity in tech and would be interested in sponsoring the scholarship, simply drop us a line at