Nik Graf and Max Stoiber ReactEurope workshop update

Here’s a bit more information about one of the two ReactEurope workshops that will take place on May 16th-17th in Paris just before the conference.

Max Stoiber and Nik Graf are well known for their work on react boilerplate, carte blanche, draftjs plugins, belle and also for their contributions to the react ecosystem such as react.js, create-react-app, webpack and more. We’re very excited about this workshop as it touches on many topics that people tend to struggle with or have great interest in such as React.js higher order components, webpack 2 tree shaking, hot reloading and taking advantage of relay and GraphQL.

Here’s what the program will look like:

Advanced React Topics (morning May 16th)

- Manipulating Component Children
- Building a Wrapper Component
- Building a Higher order component
- Composing higher order components

Tooling (afternoon of May 16th)

- Setup Hot reloading
- Speeding up hot reloading significantly with Webpack DLL
- Codesplitting with Webpack & how to make it work with the React Router
- Treeshaking with Webpack2 to reduce your load size

Building a GraphQL Server with Relay (May 17th)

- Setting up a schema
- Connecting to a datasource (microservice or datastore)
- Setting up Relay
- Fetching data with static queries
- Fetching data with dynamic queries
- Writing data with mutations

Ticket includes breakfast and lunch on both days. It does not include the conference ticket. The workshop requires an intermediary level in React.js (>= 3month experience).

There you go! If you haven’t already, make sure to grab your ticket for the workshop or conference here.

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