Our Fourth ReactEurope workshop on MobX with Michel Weststrate

We’re excited to announce our fourth ReactEurope workshop in which you will learn about MobX from its very author Michel Weststrate aka @mweststrate in a 1-day workshop on Tuesday, May 16th from 8:45am to 5:30pm. Michel is the author of MobX, Mendix RestServices, nscript and more.

In this workshop we will build a small application (but not too trivial) application from scratch. We start by modelling our state after the mental picture we have from the problem. After that we define the operations we want to perform on the state, and define which information we want to derive from the state.

We will start small, and then discover that the very same principles apply to rendering our UI (using react), authentication, routing, testing, async processes. After this workshop you should have gathered enough knowledge to build real life applications based on MobX and the underlying reactive principles.

  1. Introduction.
  2. Setup
  3. ES6 / ES.Next recap: arrow functions, classes, decorators, field initializers
  4. Introduction to MobX, why MobX for state management?
  5. MobX basics: observable, computed, autorun & action
  6. Modelling domain state: stores, models, actions
  7. Testing state & logic, JEST, snapshots
  8. Building reactive user interface: observer (+ testing)
  9. Recap: How does MobX track changes?
  10. Using Provider / inject to pass stores through deeply nested interfaces
  11. Fetching & storing data (+ testing)
  12. Routing & authentication
  13. Form validations
  14. Conclusion

Ticket includes breakfast and lunch. It does not include the conference ticket. The workshop requires an intermediary level in React.js (>= 3month experience).

If you are interested in CSS-in-JS we have a great combo ticket so you can assist to both this MobX workshop and CSS-in-JS Workshop with Sunil Pai on the 16th and 17th of May before the conference.

There you go! If you haven’t already, make sure to grab your ticket for the workshop or conference here and in case you missed it, our two other workshops are about React Native, React.js and GraphQL.

The ReactEurope conference will take place on May 18th-19th in Paris for its third edition with the React.js, React Native and GraphQL core-team from facebook and awesome community members.

You can follow @ReactEurope on Twitter or Facebook to get the latest news about the conference and interviews.

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