Our Lightning Talks Sessions are up!

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We’re pretty excited to announce our list of lightning talks this year. We received many great proposals and decided to add an extra lightning session slot on the second day. We will also have an impromptu session at the end of the conference after the Q&A and during the drinkup. We’ve noticed last year that many people stayed to hang out at the venue, this year if you sent us a proposal that didn’t make it to the main sessions, we will give you 5 minutes to present it, just send your slides to this email before May 15th. We will accept the first 10 propositions.

Here is our full list of lightning talks:

“Automated Test(Writ)ing — Leveraging React and Redux to Make Your App Write Tests For You” by conor hastings aka @stillconnor

Last year during his talk, Dan Abramov mentioned that one the cool future that could be implemented with redux dev tools would be “export as unit tests”. That must have caught Conor’s attention because he took Dan at his word and implemented a version of it. Tests that write themselves!

“Redux and Web Workers on the Frontend” by @dan tsui & Chi Kei Chan

Dan Tsui and Chi Kei Chan will explain the motivation for a web worker (Redux) middleware library they wrote to make it easy to do Frontend parallelism.

“Going from 0 to full-time software engineer in 6 months: How I did it and how you can do it too (at any age)” by Preethi Kasireddy aka @iam_preethi

Last September, Preethi decided to leave a great job to become a software engineer. In this talk she will explain how she made it happen in the last 6 months.

“CSS in JS without Compromise” by François de Campredon aka @Fdecampredon

Inline CSS has exploded in popularity since last year and Vjeux’s presentation. In this lightning, François will present a library that should help take advantage of all regular CSS feature in your JS.

“Instrumenting React” by Ju Gonçalves aka @cyberglot

Do you know how fast your React application is? Do you know which errors it’s throwing in production? Probably not. In this talk, you are going to learn what “Instrumentation” is and how can you do it. We all know React has lots of performance optimizations (such as the Virtual DOM), but we don’t really know if we are doing something wrong and, even worse, deoptimizing it.

“Solving a tooling problem for react-native” by Mike Grabowski aka @grabbou

React Native, being open-sourced last year, still suffers from the lack of great unified tooling. Managing native dependencies, adding custom fonts, just to name few, are the most common things that require you to know a lot of Objective-C and Java. This talk addresses to solve React Native tooling problems by introducing audience to RNPM.

“Nuclide as a React IDE” by Jonas Gebhardt aka @jonasgebhardt

Nuclide has come a long way since it was released last year and Jonas wants you to know all the cool stuff you can do with it now that it has matured.

“Shallow Rendering All The Way Down” by Nicole Rauch

Recently, React.js introduced Shallow Rendering as a new testing technique for React.js components. It allows you to speed up the test execution even further because those tests do not depend on the existence of a DOM, i.e. they are not required to be run in a browser. But can they really replace all of the tests we want to have? How far can we stretch the abilities of shallow rendering, and where are its limits and boundaries? Which helper libraries are best suited to get to concise and readable tests? This talk will shed light on the subject and show some interesting shallow rendering testing techniques.

Subdivide: User Defined UI by Phil Holden aka @phil_m_holden

Subdivide is a React component layout system allowing users to redefine an application’s layout according to their needs. Phil will show how you can quickly prototype complex UI with it for apps such as text editors, video conferencing, image editing.

Understanding Your Component Ecosystem by Chris Pearce aka @chrisui

This talk will be introducing a new suite of tools with the purpose of producing a new era of insights into our component-based applications and enabling next-gen developer tools.

Cross-platform charting with React & React Native by Ken Wheeler aka @ken_wheeler

Ken will show how we can utilize ReactART, SVG & React/React Native to create component based charting experiences across platforms.

That’s it for our two main sessions!

Cheers and see you at the conf!

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