Add a custom font to your React Native app  by @Guitoof
  • Your React Native application needs a custom font to be the prettiest ?
  • In order to add your font to your app, you’ll need the files for all supported styles (bold, italic …) You can, for instance, get your font from Google Fonts.
  • Add the font folder into your project : Add the rnpm link to your font in your project’s : In the folder where your font was copied, rename the files so that: You can find a step by step example in this rn-custom-font repo.
  • I have been unable to figure out why there seems to be no difference between the Light, the ExtraLight and Light fonts on iOS on the one hand and no differences between ExtraLight, Light, Regular andSemiBold, Bold and Black on Android.
  • You can also add a custom font for your custom icons.

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