Develop React Native #iOS apps on Linux:  #ReactJS #JavaScript
  • Develop React Native iOS apps on LinuxYes, you need a Mac to do any kind of iOS development but that doesn’t mean that you have to write the code in the Mac.
  • You can test this by starting any web server on your dev machine, binding it to that port and trying to reach http://DEV_MACHINE_IP:8585 with a web browser in your Mac.
  • So, I did: I fired up the packager in my dev box with react-native start — host — port 8585 (setting the host to is vital, because otherwise your server will only bind to localhost and won’t be accessible from your Mac).
  • I couldn’t find a setting to tell React Native to poll the packager service in a different host:port pair, so I figured that if I wanted it to access the server running in my dev machine, I had to do a TCP tunnel, which is actually quite easy to set up.
  • You’re all set!Make some changes to your React Native code in your dev machine, then hit Cmd+R in your Mac to see the changes.

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