• Jump to results A few days ago, the good folks at Callstack.io released an new, drop-in replacement for the React Native packager called Haul.
  • Though Haul and React Native packagers perform the same function, the technology stack differs quiet a bit; from HTTP server (connect vs express) to the way bundling is triggered (file watching vs external request).
  • For each test run, the packager cache was completely cleared at the beginning and subsequent runs used the transformer cache (in case of React Native), or happypack (in Haul).
  • Repeating the test from Haul master does show promises, but it is still a little slower than the stock React Native packager.
  • While each of these can technically be solved in the React Native packager, I like Haul for bringing it all together and making it simple.

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@nparashuram: “Should you use Haul or React Native for packager — a scientific study of the performance characteristics -” open tweet »

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