React Vs Polymer  #frontenddevelopment #polymer #react #javascript #reactjs
  • In React, I wrote every single component from scratch.
  • I know that there are components, designed by the community, for React as well but I did not really feel the need to use a third party component.React: +1 for SimplicityReact is easy to pick up and being productive from the get-go.
  • the idea that you can mutate the bindings from both the parent and the child, actually gives you nightmares, while debugging, if you are not careful enough.Often times, I was confused about the data flows and abrupt states, my components were in, due to the fact that I was mutating the binding from the parents and the children, based on my own logic.
  • not total, but that’s how I felt, many a times.Enter React, along with its ideologies of props and states.
  • Projects made with Polymer look quite good and are very accessible, due to Polymer elements following Material Design Ideology very strictly.On the other hand, React provides you with nothing, more than vanilla CSS, if you know how to use that properly.

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