Hello, my dear friends,

Captain Miki speaking after a long time.

I think there is no need to bring up the topic of the global situation here… All of us can feel it has a huge impact on our lives.

ReactiveConf is a place where all of us should network, have fun, laugh, learn new stuff, and enjoy the time that we get to spend together. It definitely shouldn’t be a place where we are afraid to meet, stress over, and thus not enjoy it.

That’s why the only possible solution, that we can see right now is to postpone…

The whole world is facing unpredictable times and more than ever we have to pull together as one team. As the well-being and comfort of our attendees, speakers, partners, and staff is our TOP priority, we don’t want to underestimate circumstances connected to COVID–19. Therefore we decided to step out of our comfort zone and do something we have never done before — postpone ReactiveConf and support our community in the new and quite different way!

We have been monitoring the development of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak closely since its first appearance. And even though the sixth ReactiveConf was scheduled…

Date and place had been changed: Late fall 2021, Prague, Czech Republic.
Thus, CFP was closed and will be opened again in the beginning of 2021.

Last year we received many great CFP proposals that made it to one of our stages. The time has come to open the doors for your wisdom and ideas for ReactiveConf 2021. What exactly are we looking for this year?

Technology topics

  • React ecosystem
  • GraphQL and related technologies
  • TypeScript and type systems
  • Testing
  • Fancy frontends — animations, accessibility, drawing charts,…
  • Going low level— canvas, speeding up with WebAssembly, modern browser API,…
  • Styling
  • Security and privacy
  • Design

Have you ever been on an expedition to an unknown area? It takes a lot of courage and in some cases, it might be dangerous!

Some might imagine a jungle, a desert or high mountains, however, some don’t have to go that far. Our industry with all the ones and zeroes, symbols and brackets, frameworks and languages can be frightening to outsiders as well. We felt that this needed to change.

That’s why we decided to embark on our very own expedition — ReactiveExpedition. Our expedition team included our fearless leader-Veronika Zelinkova, a young and talented mobile developer and seven organizations that support education, diversity, or accessibility in IT. With our team in place, we were ready for our expedition.

Our main goal was…

ReactiveConf 2019 may be over, but the reviews are still pouring in, and one thing’s crystal clear — this year was our best yet!

Many of you raved about the conference’s overall atmosphere and vibe as well as the reintroduced chat zones, which gave attendees a chance to ask our phenomenal group of speakers a couple of follow-up questions in a more intimate setting. But it was the caliber of our talks, panel discussions and workshops that really cemented ReactiveConf’s status as the best in show when it comes to bleeding-edge technology and innovative software trends.

Three days, 73 speakers, 1,200 attendees.

One mission — to build a strong software community; to share ideas and knowledge; to break ceilings and knock down walls.

We successfully wrapped another sold-out installment of ReactiveConf, and by all accounts, it looks like we are one step ahead of the game.

Held at Forum Karlin in the heart of Prague’s bustling business district, the fifth edition was our largest yet with talks, panel discussions, workshops and chat zones held across four stages.

This year’s lineup included some of the biggest names in the tech-sphere, exploring many of the hottest trends and challenges facing the IT community today. From talking about futurist code bases with Microsoft’s Brian Holt to the benefits of PWAs with Google’s Florian Rival, we…

Every expedition has its fearless leader and mission. Ours is not different. Although we are not going to reveal our expedition leader yet, we are going to share the importance and goal of ReactiveExpedition!

Here are some interesting numbers to fully understand our mission:

  • According to recruitment agencies, 30,000 developers are missing from the Czech labor market.
  • The number of students in the field is decreasing. There are 25 percent less than in 2011.
  • In some developing countries, more than 50 percent of professionals in the sector are women, but in Western Europe and the Czech Republic women represent only…

Enjoy another insight into our workshops!

All workshops registration will be open at once, within following 14 days. We are currently collecting all info for you.

Stay tuned, more info coming soon!

Don’t forget, workshops are open to all ReactiveConf attendees for a small fee (~€20) to cover expenses related to logistics and snacks.

Gleb Bahmutov

Modern Test Automation with Cypress

Gain new knowledge from one of the many workshops we’ll have on offer during Festival Day. In 2018, we helped organize 17 workshops. Workshops are open to all ReactiveConf attendees for a small fee (~€20) to cover expenses related to logistics and snacks.

Pick and choose what inspires you.

This is the first hint of what you can looking forward this year!
15+ workshops facilitated by our speakers and partners

David Khourshid

Model-Based Testing for Applications

The countdown is on for ReactiveConf 2019. Are you pumped?

You should be. We are putting the finishing touches on what is sure to be the biggest three-day show of the year. The program includes a host of amazing speakers from top tech companies. Workshops. Four stages. Chat zones. Family zones. Movies. After parties!

ReactiveConf is more than just about React.js. Over the last five years, we have worked hard to make ReactiveConf the most unique, all-inclusive software conference in Europe.

Building a strong community

We see it more as a festival than a conference. Our aim is to create…


Functional programming conference based in Central Europe with top-notch speakers and 1300+ attendees.

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