Have you ever been on an expedition to an unknown area? It takes a lot of courage and in some cases, it might be dangerous!

Some might imagine a jungle, a desert or high mountains, however, some don’t have to go that far. Our industry with all the ones and zeroes, symbols and brackets, frameworks and languages can be frightening to outsiders as well. We felt that this needed to change.

That’s why we…

ReactiveConf 2019 may be over, but the reviews are still pouring in, and one thing’s crystal clear — this year was our best yet!

Many of you raved about the conference’s overall atmosphere and vibe as well as the reintroduced chat zones, which gave attendees a chance to ask our phenomenal group of speakers a couple of follow-up questions in a more intimate setting. …

Three days, 73 speakers, 1,200 attendees.

One mission — to build a strong software community; to share ideas and knowledge; to break ceilings and knock down walls.

We successfully wrapped another sold-out installment of ReactiveConf, and by all accounts, it looks like we are one step ahead of the game.

Held at Forum Karlin in the heart of Prague’s bustling business district, the fifth edition was our largest yet with talks, panel discussions, workshops and chat…


Functional programming conference based in Central Europe with top-notch speakers and 1300+ attendees.

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